This promise of Christ still echoes in the Church that reaps in it the fertile secret of His life. The source of its hope Christ chose to remain among us to communicate the great joy of being One with the Father and to involve even ourselves in this mystery of love.  
He is the hub, the one that gives a sense to our desire for happiness.  We look to him and are astonished to realize that we are stakeholders of His life. Yes, since the friendship towards which God calls us becomes an intimate and deep communion with His Person until we become limbs of His Body, his Church. 
In fact we Christians, we are His Face, His Hands, His arms embracing the world, the presence that Jesus utilizes to benefit humanity. All this is realized through the Holy Spirit.  The whole universe shares the miracle of the Incarnation: God immutable and eternal has become the God forever-with us, he pitched his tent among the sons of the man.
The visible expression of this wonderful reality is the Eucharist that builds, nurtures and supports the Church making it as the Body of Christ. Who would believe of becoming the "next-of-kin” of God? The Eucharist in fact makes us relatives of God, His limbs, His Body, and happens what Saint Paul used to say to the early Christians, "It is not me that lives, it is Christ that lives in me".
That is why in the Sunday Eucharistic celebration we find the expression of our own identity and through the gift of the Spirit we are modelled by the Eucharist as the Body of the Lord, ourselves in Him and Himself in us, as "branches of the same vine", mystery of light and of life!  In this perspective, we also can repeat as the martyrs of Abilene: "We cannot live without the Sunday, without the Eucharist.

Enkel - Due Metri