Do you know everyday "there is a letter for you"?A letter someone writes for you and waites that you must open and read....Someone wants to meet you ,who wants to know you profondly;  with your desires, your fears, your progects of life, Your thirst for loving and being loved, and all these,you can draw from the  a unique  fountain that quenchs your thirst and to be relieved from all your anxious and weariness. Therefore open your letter that is meant only for you, Meet Him journey through ink of God in the trail of the Lectio divina.

 This letter is  addressed to you It is for you ! if you are a student! or if you are working.... or if you are in search of the work!, for you religious priests and nuns, for you parents if you are mother or father, for you if you are living life of solitude, for you  in the joys and sorrows or in affliction and sadness, for you who do not know  that you are always loved and for you all that you are  and  that you are unique

The Lectio Divina is a letter that is a contact and meeting point of the "one who speaks to you", a method that lets an individual to read attentively the Holy scripture in order to enter in contact  and to meet  the Lord,  the one who interrogates, the one who involves in our lives, the one who invites for the dialogue with Him because he does not desire other than to make one to be happy. It is the password through which you can enter in dialogue with Him "sito di Dio".


The scope of the Lectio Divina is it is merely that leads towards personal contact with God and to walk along with Him. Your Life and heart begins slowly to give space For the Lord through Prayer, and that leads you to reach or harmonize highest state of contemplation to listen your inner voice, the Extra-ordinary voice that you never listened in your life.


Enkel - Due Metri