Who we are

We are the Daughters of the Church. Our name expresses the identity of every Christian reborn to new life in Christ in the womb of the Church which is our Mother. Our name reveals our mission. Redeemed by Jesus, the Son of the Father and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves entirely to and place ourselves humbly at the service of Mother Church so that she may be made known and loved.

    Where do we come from?

The life of our Foundress, Mother Maria Oliva Bonaldo of Mystical Body, was filled with a deep passion for the Church of Christ and for all humanity. This same call continues to engage each Daughter of the Church through the living out of a simple, poor and joyful life inspired by a spirit of prayer, common life and witness following the example of the first Christian Community.

    Our Spirituality

The source of our spirituality is the Liturgy, the fountain and summit of the Church’s life. During our liturgical celebrations we offer praise and worship to the Trinity. In our daily tasks we give concrete expression to our faith and devotion. The Eucharist is at the heart of our prayer and action as Daughters of the Church. It graces us to listen humbly and prayerfully to the Word of God and nourishes our community life. It forms us into one Body and strengthens us to worship Christ who became the Living Bread for all.

Enkel - Due Metri