What is Ecumenism 
For centuries Christians have walked more and more distant from each  other, often in reciprocal hostility or indifference...and the Church still suffers from the wounds of these divisions. Some time ago, however, the breath of the Holy Spirit has changed the course. The ecumenical movement has emerged, old walls are crumbling, those who were distant are becoming closer, Christians are rediscovering their brothers and sisters in one baptism, connections of friendship are forming, people are experiencing the joy of working together while in theological dialogues problems of faith, of doctrine and of ecclesiastical life that remain open are being addressed. The ecumenical way is the way of the Church says the Holy Father and with Vatican Council II the Catholic Church has set off an irreversible path to follow it (cf encyclical  Ut Unum Sint n.3 and n.9)inviting all the children of the Church to respond with slancio to this “vocation and divine grace”. The goal of the path is full and visible communion of all Christian churches because the Church as the Spouse of Christ our Lord is one and only one.
From the writings of our Foundress:
“A special care of the Daughters of the Church is to  be to united in the spirit of love. Unity will be the essential element of their external apostolate and the foundation stone of their actions”...don’t talk of identity but of harmony, coordination of all the slanci and all forces: this is unity, this is the way they must think, this is the way they must act because they have the honor of being the children of the Church, for the honor of the Church itself and of the Father and of all the faithful. No sacrifice is too great for the unity of the great Catholic family that the Blood of Christ would not be shed in vain.  This is the ultimate prayer of Jesus "Father that all may be one" «ut unum sint»   this would be quickly answered.
The Church is one, Holy; the Church has Unity as its characteristic, the Church is  to evoke,—as the very name of the Church that means evocations—of the voice of Our Lord Jesus Christ when he calls her «ecclesiam meam» this holy, venerable, incomparable Mother of souls and of hearts...” (Maria Oliva Bonaldo, “33 Foglietti”, p.96-98)


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