Ut Unum Sint: "That all may be one" Vatican Council II :  To Speak about Vatican Council That speaks on conversion towards Ecumensim; That Holy Church has walked towards this conversion introducing  in the each documents regarding ecumenism; and it has opèned a  vision of diversity in the Holy Church. 

 Maddalena Volpato: To Speak about Maddalena Volpato the postulant of the Daughters of the church   Who speaks on the "Unity of the Church", This  was an  significance  for her life to offer herself for the Unity of the Holy Church; some of the pages of her life story book speaks her dedication and love for the church.  

Prayer:  The Conversion of the heart , The santity of the  life in together with personal and common prayer, offered  for the unity of the Christians, that they may hold together  like the single soul of every ecumenical action  (Unitatis redintegratio, 8). Father may  they be one, so that the world may believe that you sent me....This  was the prayer and testimony  of Jesus that binds together to believe in the Gospel and that invites the Church to be united.In the begining of the 1900 a week that was dedicated to unity octave that is from 18th to 25th January and the week that falls on the feast of "Pentecost". These two weeks are intensively dedicated to pray for the unity of the christians that exists in different names in the Christainity.

The Foundress of the "Daughters of the Church" mother Maria Oliva Speaks as "our Week"; This responsibility of our religious family has a traditional reinforce,that promotes us to animate with particular intiatives in the local Churchs.

Specific Formation:The way to Ecumensim is a call for an very christian but for the religious in a definite  way are called to dedicate through their conscration  in the Church ; that is to present the documents(C.E.T) , the ecumenical formation in the local Church, introduces the books that speaks about the ecumenism, also  through other intiatives ,such as  the formations,holding various ecumenical meetings,  celebrations through signs and symbols that are  held in the local, national, and international levels animated, and celebrated with much dedication and love for the Church.

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