The Daughters of the Church, live in the parish, which is the large family that gathers together all the families of a neighbourhood or town. Our specific Charism is to work in harmony with the initiatives by the diocese, working along with the pastor and his co-workers in their responsibilities. 
As community  that wants to grow and encounter with the Lord , and our challenge is to give the witness of  life joyously given for the Kingdom of God with a vast horizon for evengelization.
    Our dynamism and our ecclesial sensibility is practiced  in many ways: 

* A life that is dedicated to prayer and adoration of Jesus in the Eucharist; 

* in the celebration and animation of the liturgy , that the Liturgical Year, the celebration of the Eucharist, and the Liturgy of the Hours should be lived as an encounter with God; an encounter that is today for us. 


*  Through active participation in the workings of the parish: pastoral advise, liturgical and catechetical commission, charity work, etc....;

* In the service of charity  being aware of the situation and in the  training of workers that can respond to situations of difficulty, suffering, loneliness, sickness and poverty present in the area;

* In guiding the (education of faith) on both a personal and group level;

*  In the formation and education in the faith of the youth present in groups or associations accompanying them in programmes of personal growth and maturing in faith;
* In the service of the Word of God through catechesis for children and adults, programs of Lectio divina, and centers for listening to the word.


* Providing witness of a community dedicated to prayer, the Word, and  characterized by an intense community life.


     We want to realize in this way the desire that our foundress, Maria Oliva Bonaldo expressed in the language of her time: " If i didn't love men I wouldn't talk, but I love them with sorrowful passion and am consumed by the desire to give them a part of the truth that has made me so happy. The truth is this: God is Love! If the world knew how much it is loved, they would die of happiness!"




Enkel - Due Metri