What does it means the word Pope and the Church in the Magister. 

                       The Church's mission is to proclaim the hope that is Christ. He, in fact, "by the revelation of the mystery of the Father and His love, fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear" (GS n 22). The Church is the mother because she is mother help to  generates in the men the life of grace, friendship with God through the Word and Sacraments. That faith is joy and  help in people to create joy, expressed in an outstanding way to the maternity of the Church.  

 Just because the mother, but  the Church is also a teacher, that offers the truth about God and man. The Magisterium of the Church, therefore, is service to man who lives the diverse and complex areas of life. The term Magisterium, the Church indicates its teaching, with which she considers to preserve and hand down through the centuries the deposit of faith or doctrine revealed to the apostles by Jesus Christ. As a mother can and should direct and guide her children , indicating the surest way to live in fidelity to the Gospel. And this especially if the Church is fully inserted in the events and issues in the world, witnessing in society those values that come from the Gospel and who are able to make more just and more humane living whole..

The Magisterium can be ordinary or extraordinary. The ordinary magisterium is the normal mode in which the Church communicates its teaching and consists of encyclicals, pastoral letters and other written submissions, or through oral preaching from the Pope, bishops or priests. The extraordinary magisterium, however, consists of a pronouncement of an Ecumenical Council or an ex cathedra of the Pope, which defines a kind of dogmatic truth of faith in the forms dictated by the dogma of papal infallibility. 








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