In the heart of the City
During your fast paced days, in the chaos or the thousands of your occupations, did you ever long for a bit of silence, to find yourself? 
 Did you ever desire a peaceful space, to be heard, and loved? 
 There are places made just for you, not far away... you don’t need a travel agency, because in general they are close to downtown.There times your "interior heart" , The doors are wide open for you... Go in and you will find a living Presence of Jesus, the Son of God. He who risen from the death, gave to all of us the hope of a life that does  not die. 
Jesus does not leave us alone in the ocean of life: "I am with you everyday" He said before leaving this earth's life. His promise is fully accomplished in the Eucharist. His body given for you: there you will find not only the heart of God, but also your own heart;
We the Daughters of the Church are there as well to greet you...
 We want to remain along any man who is not only hungry for food, but also for God, his peace, his silence, his love, to realize together that Jesus is the centre of you life, the fullness of joy, the answer to your deepest questions.
 Gather for yourself this Presence which is beyond you and that requests to be recognized, loved and worshiped... Yes, because worshiping is returning to the source of life itself, is to remain flabbergasted in the presence of the great mystery of God, it is to go back to your own roots, and to feel what you actually are: a loved being, remembered, since always in the plans, inexplicably united with the universe around.
 If are you overburdened and sad, if the stress of your occupations and the difficulties in your family seem insurmountable, don’t give up... fetch the fresh water of solace and joy, open the horizons of heart and mind... look for Him in this oasis of prayer and peace.; In our Eucharistic centres, the Eucharistadoration  awaits you everyday. But don’t say..."I don’t know how to pray" Just remain in His presence and tell Him your pains, your wishes, entrust Him for what you have at heart. Before you is the God that accepted to become man,; in poverty,until becoming;as little as a piece of bread in a total sign of Love for humanity.
So, can we fix an encounter?                                           

Come to meet us, allow plenty of time for your stay... we will pray with you in silence, if you wish, you canjoin in for the celebration of the Holy Mass, the Psalms... above all you will have an opportunity to grow more and more in that knowledge of God that will allow you to see in a different perspective the hurdles of life... you will see things and events with eyes purified by the prayer. 

 If you are  interested, we can offer you several tools that will help to know better your path into faith: books, flyers, fold-outs, as well as the possibility of an exchange, to experience a shared brotherhood.
 With your presence, and your interest you will help to make  the Eucharistic centre a "breeding ground" of spirituality that may unveil to others the joy of being the sons and daughters  of the same Father, the joy of being the Church journeying on the paths of man. 

Enkel - Due Metri