Spiritual Courses,recollections and spiritual guidence

    Have you questioned yourself  about sense of being a life as    believer?  The desire of God is written in heart of man" Because  man is created by GOd and for God ;But God doen not cease to mdraw man towards himself, only in God man can find true happiness which he is in  search of it without a rest

  •    Which are the aspirations or the ambitions that knocks at the  door of your heart ,that asking you to respond concretely , and which demands of you complete involvement? 
  •  Have you ever  questioned yourself what does it mean spirituality, interiority, prayer, medition, route of faith, listening to the Word of God.
  •  Spiritual retreats, can they be deep experience of God? , a profound listening to the word of God,? that is heard through personal experience, or or in silence atmosphere, or in prayer, which gives a capacity of taking a way that is better, to fallow Jesus Christ.
  •  our Retreat and spiritual centers, offers you all these possibilities.
  •  Choose a course or a day, or the experience that seems to be a apropriated for you, Allow the Lord to enter in to you to provoke you; lanch out towards the lord and keep touch with Him and with yourself,this advanture certainly enriches your life. 

Enkel - Due Metri