The Community of Domus Aurea is the place which offers to all those brothers and sisters, who desire and request to have an  experience of the Lord in prayer, silence and solitude. 


 They can be accommodated as a group for one or more than a day with necessary possibilities,and help them to pray,and also are invited  and participate in the communitarian celebration of the Liturgy. 


Various courses, except few are open to all.


Requested to bring along with you Bible and Liturgy of the hour.


The Retreat begins on the evenings of the indicated date and concludes in the morning.


The day of listening the Word of God begins at 9.00 and concludes at 18.00.


The participation in the courses cannot be partial except in the unavoidable cases but it is a must to make an  agreement with the person concerned/Direction.



Casa di Preghiera "Domus Aurea"

Via della Magliana, 1240

00050 Ponte Galeria (Roma)

Tel. 06 65000069 - 65004718   Fax 06 6524371   




See the proposed calender  


To Reach the House


*By train from the station FS (Tiburtina, Ostiense, Trastevere) Treno Regionale direction Fiumicino Airport o Fiumicino City. Stop Ponte Galeria.


*From Termini  Metro B till

Piramide  (OStiense)  then as above indicated.

*By bus Get out 31 direction Ponte Galeria, Via della Magliana.


*From the Airport Treno Regionale direction Fara Sabina-Orte stop Ponte Galeria.










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