Remember: Lectio Divina is a slow and contemplative “listening-praying or praying-listening” of the Word of God in Scriptures.

    Its purpose is to experience a contemplative union with the Lord, leading gradually to a transformation of life.
    Dispose yourself to listen to the “still, small voice of God” (I Kings 19:120)
    Opening Prayer: Spend a few moments in prayer. Choose a comfortable position. Become aware of your breathing. Repeat the words: “Not I, but Christ who lives in me”. Or invoke the Holy Sprit.  St Paul says, “we do not know how to pray, as we ought, but that the very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words”- Rom 8:26. You may use the prayer given below, or adapt it.
1-  Lectio/Reading
a. Read the text slowly, attentively and reverently, prayerfully, registering words, phrases, situations, persons, and actions. Seek to listen to the still, small voice of God. 
b. Understand the Word: Read the indications given below for understanding the Biblical text. This can also be done even before the lectio proper begins, by way of preparation.
2- Meditatio/Meditation of the Word: When the still small voice arising from a passage, through a phrase or word or sentence(s), begin to speak to you, pause to “chew”, or ponder the word. Memorise it and gently repeat it, allowing it to interact with your heart. At this stage we should allow the word to touch and affect us at our deepest level.
3- Oratio /Praying the Word. Let the still small voice enable us to offer ourselves to the Lord in prayerful conversation. It can take the form of consecration of our experiences, over which we repeated the word, or into which, perhaps, even without our knowing, the word entered and we were awakened. It may become a prayer of surrender, of praise etc.          
4- Contemplatio/ Contemplating the Mystery contained in the Word. Cease from speaking, cease to be at the level of doing anything. Just BE in the Lord. Rest in his presence. 
      (Keep whispering, for example:  “Not I, but Christ”.)
5- Let the Word shape my life: my moods, my emotions, my way of looking at life, my behaviour, my habits, my choices, my actions….

6- Share the Word With one another, if lectio is done in and as community/


7- Acting on the Word   should follow the Lectio       


Enkel - Due Metri